Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I left Logronos and flew to Madrid.  I can't walk much even though I have been off of my feet for a week.  I buy a couple of fridge magnets at the airport and then sit to wait for my next flight.  I fly out of Madrid and get to London.  I'm in terminal 5 and I'm uncomfortable in what I'm wearing so I buy a long summer dress so it's more like wearing pajamas on the plane.  The next flight will be 9 hours and I need comfort at this point.  The flight from London home was the worst.  My back was so bad and I had packed the robaxacet in my back pack and not in my purse.  That was silly.  I can't sleep on the plane because my back and feet hurt so much.  I can't get comfortable at all.  I order wine and pray that it relieves some of the pain.  It doesn't really but it makes the flight a little more bearable.  I finally arrive home to a friendly face.  Thank you for picking me up.  I'm so grateful to be back.     Right now I am going to have to say, there will be no more adventures or trips for a long while.  I'm just so happy to be home!!!

Thank you for following my journey!!!!!

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  1. Remember our text. You did YOUR best. Now let's start planning that 50th. xo