Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Burgette to Zubiri

I´ve showered and had my passport stamped and I am on my way.  I meet a girl from Quebec along the road who tells me that the turn off for the Camino was back by the bank and we have missed it.  We head back together and talk for a while.  I´m glad for the company.  She has a sore leg and will be slow so she tells me that she will see me along the way and off I go.  I get to the next town and I sit down for some toast and a cup of tea.  I find the trail again and walk on.  Its raining today and very cold. I can´t seem to warm up.  I know that it will pass very quickly when I get to the next hill.  Today is a lot easier than yesterday that´s for sure.  I walk until I get hungry and I find a little eatery where others who are walking the camino are sitting.  No one talks to me and I really don´t think I´m up to talking.  I have a baguette and cheese and a glass of wine.  There are four or five ferrel cats running around looking for bits of food and I finally take pity on one of them and give him a bit of my cheese.  As the other cats come running up to get some, the one that I have fed has now made it known that he is the only one getting my cheese.  Too funny.  I watch the cats for a while and I am really enjoying my wine but I must get going.  Every step brings me closer to my goal and closer to coming home.  I´m homesick by this point and I´ve thought about just coming home.  I must keep walking.  I stopped to talk to two couples from Oregon.  I´ve passed them before so they were curious about where I was from.  I´m in great shape apparently.  I think that´s cause I walk fast and I´m constantly passing people.  The couples I met were hoping to meet me in Zubiri but that won´t happen. Once I can secure a room, I will find something to eat and hopefully some wine and I will stay in my room.  I´m just exhausted by the end of the day and I just want to lie down.  I know I should get out and see things but I´m just tired.  Hopefully this will get easier and I will see more and more.  I liked my room in Zubiri but it was really close to the church who´s bells toll every hour on the hour all night long.  I don´t get much sleep.  Today should be fairly level with not too many hills.  I´m hoping for not too many hills. 

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  1. Kris Hamaguchi14 May 2013 at 04:22

    Keep going, Linda! Don't give up on this dream. It can only get easier. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please know that we are all living vicariously through you! Kris xo